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32864Re: put count into register

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  • Benji Fisher
    Oct 2, 2002
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      steve felt wrote:
      > Hello, all!
      > I would like to count things. I know that if I want to know how many of
      > something there are, I can hack it with
      > :%s/\(my favorite regex\)/\1/g
      > the result:
      > 65 substitutions on 23 lines
      > However, when things are more complex, ie part of a script, how can I do
      > this cleanly, for example:
      > count the number of occurrences of regex x
      > put the count into a register
      > add to it the number of occurrences of regex y?
      > -steve

      I think you want to use a variable, not a register.

      :help variables

      You might try the Count() function from foo.vim, quoted below.
      This will find only one match per line, though. If you want to count all
      matches, use a :while loop and the search() function.

      :help :while
      :help search()

      HTH --Benji Fisher

      let num = 0
      execute 'g/' . a:pat . '/let num = num + 1'
      return num
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