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31842Re: setting font and fontsize in VIM

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  • Juan Lanus
    Sep 1, 2002
      Mark Khemma wrote:

      >hello Juan,
      >Do you know of any sites which carry fixed pitched/width fonts?
      Not specially ...
      I just made a fast search in google for [ font "fixed width" download ]
      and it showed several pages.
      I settled with "Lucida Console" (Windows NT) some time ago and I use it
      anywhere, so I don't seek for more.
      You might find fancy fonts, but they are ont very legible, like "Lucida
      Sans Typewriter" or "MS Gothic", "Courier Thai", ...
      These fonts are decorative and fit well in artwork. But if you have to
      read ans write it for several hours a day then you need ergonomic fonts,
      and I think "Lucida Console" is ons.
      Please let me know if you find something interesting

      Good luck!

      Juan Lanus

      >On Sat, 31 Aug 2002, Juan Lanus wrote:
      >>And yes, if you install more fonts they will show in vim as long as they
      >>are of the fixed kind.
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