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31832Re: setting font and fontsize in VIM

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  • Juan Lanus
    Aug 31, 2002
      Mark Khemma wrote:
      > Hello Antoine,
      > Thanks, that helped. But now my next question is if i download new
      > TrueType fonts, how do i get Gvim to recognize them. At the moment i
      > literally 5 fonts to choose from. Are those my only options? or can i
      > import more fonts (the fonts from my control panel/Fonts for instance).
      > Thanks,
      > Mark .k
      > On Sat, 31 Aug 2002, Antoine J. Mechelynck wrote:
      >>>:set gfn=courier turns my window to courier turns to its obvious font
      >>If you :set guifont=* you'll get a font menu where you can set, among
      >>things, the font's size. Once you have set it, do :set guifont? to
      see what
      >>has been set. In my currently-open W98 gvim window, I have
      >>guifont=Lucida_Console:h11:cDEFAULT (h is the height and c is the
      >>see :help 'guifont'

      In vim we can only use fixed-pitch fonts like Courier, Lucida Console,
      Terminal, ...
      I have eight of them, but only use Lucida Console bacause I find it the
      most compact among the easy to read.
      Lucida Sans, for example, is a pain.
      And yes, if you install more fonts they will show in vim as long as they
      are of the fixed kind.

      Good luck!
      Juan Lanus
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