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30887RE: Autoindenting for non - C files

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  • David Fishburn
    Jul 31, 2002
      I have found vim61\indent\ada.vim which has a similar syntax.

      So I am creating an indent file based on this.

      Sorry for the emails.


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      From: David Fishburn [mailto:fishburn@...]
      Sent: Wednesday, July 31, 2002 8:58 PM
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      Subject: RE: Autoindenting for non - C files

      I have looked into some of the other languages (vb.vim) that don't use
      curlys {}, and I don't see any autoindenting for them.

      It appears you can specify the words that force an indent:

      But the indent isn't triggered until you type in a "{".

      So I guess the question becomes:
      Is there anyway to tell vim to use other characters to trigger an indent
      (ie THEN), since many languages look like this:

      If( ) then
      do something;
      end if;


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      From: David Fishburn [mailto:fishburn@...]
      Sent: Wednesday, July 31, 2002 4:28 PM
      To: vim@...
      Subject: Autoindenting for non - C files

      W2K vim 6.1 (no updates)

      I am reading up on how the autoindent feature works.

      There is cinwords = cinwords=if,else,while,do,for,switch that
      automatically tells vim to indent when it encounters them.

      If I am editing a SQL file, I would like to do the same thing. I noticed
      that cinwords is already set (with the same values above) but nothing

      I was wondering what else controls this and what changes will I have to
      make automatically set this up.

      If VIM is capable of doing it, I expect I should create a file in:

      I can then set all my options so they are automatically picked up (just
      like c.vim).

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