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28979Re: scp:// over multiple hops

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  • Andrew Francis
    Jun 1, 2002
      "Colin Keith" <vim@...> wrote:
      > Which isn't anything to do with vim, but because <x>: is taken by
      > scp to mean connect to hostname <x>. (If you need to get around this, get
      > windows SSH clients from SSH Corp)

      I use the "pscp" program, which is part of the PuTTY collection. It's
      a much smaller download than the ssh.com package (a few hundred kilobytes,
      versus 6 megs :).

      > However the netrw.vim packages is clever
      > and replaces the c:\ with //c/. I.e.:

      I don't think this will work on a default cygwin install... you need to
      change the path from <drive>:\path1\path2\... to
      //cygdrive/<drive>/path1/path2/... overall, I'd just recommend using pscp :)

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