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28103Re: help with help and tags

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  • Mac Vim Support (Axel Kielhorn)
    May 2, 2002
      At 13:49 Uhr -0500 30.04.2002, arigold@... wrote:
      >hello hello,
      >ill try to be brief - ive been wanting to use vim for quite some time now.
      >and while ive posted my problem to the mac-vim list, not much was doing there
      >so here i am..
      >when i try to access help i get the following:
      >E433: No tags file
      >E426: tag not found: help.txt
      >Hit ENTER or type command to continue

      This is strange. No matter what I do to my to my runtime or doc
      folder, or even to help.txt, I never get that message. All I get is
      "Sorry, help file "path to file" not found".
      Even turning tags into a DOS file didn't result in that error.

      >any ideas?

      Only questions:
      Which MacOS are you using?
      Which distribution do you have?
      Which VimVersion do you have? (:ver)

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