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28100Re: Me to a random Winamp Radio Channel...

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  • Iain Truskett
    May 2, 2002
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      * John Yochum (loki@...) [03 May 2002 01:39]:
      > What precisly is this suppose to be?

      The Klez virus, and no, Sven is not infected. Check out the Symantec or
      McAfee websites for more details. Just please, don't discuss it here.

      If anyone is using Outlook (or Express), get it patched and get a virus

      (Please - no holy wars about Outlook, Microsoft, and no protracted
      debates on the virus - just anyone with Windows update their software
      and their virus protection.)

      iain. <http://eh.org/~koschei/>
      Vim Tips every Two Days <http://eh.org/~koschei/code/vim/>
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