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  • Benji Fisher
    May 2, 2002
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      ari gold wrote:
      > hi brett.. thanks for the tip - feels like im going somewhere
      > i tried that with a few different arguments and nothing worked. it generated
      > a tags file but i got the same error message:
      > E433: No tags file
      > E426: tag not found: help.txt
      > Hit ENTER or type command to continue
      > i even coped the tags file into the runtime directory and the upper directory
      > where the executible resides. would it help to see the directory structure?
      > vim
      > vim60
      > tags
      > runtime
      > tags
      > doc
      > help.txt
      > tags
      > <many other files>
      > vimPPC (the exec)
      > any other ideas?
      > thanks a bunch...~ari
      > ps. shouldnt be so tricky to run the binaries off the download, huh?

      I have been using OS X exclusively for a while now, but I just downloaded
      Vim6.0.17.sea for Mac Classic from Axel Kielhorn's site,


      and I did not have any trouble. That is, Stuffit unpacked the files
      automatically, I double-clicked on the icon, and vim started up without any
      error messages. Here is the relevant part of my directory structure:

      vim/vim60/vimPPC (the executable)

      If I understand your directory structure, you have runtime/ and vimPPC under
      vim/ instead of under vim/vim60 . Perhaps that is the problem.

      Even if there is something wrong with tags, you should be able to read
      the help files: they are all in vim/vim60/runtime/doc/ . The directory
      structure affects how vim finds the runtime files. If moving things around
      does not help, try

      :echo $VIM
      :echo $VIMRUNTIME

      in vim, and maybe

      :set helpfile?

      for good measure.

      HTH --Benji Fisher
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