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27259Re: how to repl. word under the cursor with foowordbar?

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  • Kontra, Gergely
    Apr 3, 2002
      >> How to replace a word under the cursor (say: junk) with another
      >> foojunkbar? when i am reading a paragraph, some of the word i
      >> want to change as \texttt{word}. i.e. the word under the
      >> cursor should come inside { }. how to do that in vim?

      A little off, but I hope it helps:
      Advertisement: Use mu-marks:

      And type in your ftplugin/tex.vim
      MarkMapB tt \texttt{Ťť}ŤĄť

      Then you can select the word visually, and press <C-Space>tt<CR>
      BTW: You can hack it, and use Ątt! in visual mode (if you want to bind
      to another keymap).
      You can use it in insertmode too.
      Type tt<C-Space>word<C-J>.


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