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27220Re: how to repl. word under the cursor with foowordbar?

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  • Thomas Köhler
    Apr 2, 2002
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      M K Saravanan wrote [020402 17:36]:
      > hi,
      > How to replace a word under the cursor (say: junk) with another
      > foojunkbar? when i am reading a paragraph, some of the word i
      > want to change as \texttt{word}. i.e. the word under the
      > cursor should come inside { }. how to do that in vim?


      (which you might want to map on a shorter key).

      yiw yank inner word. This puts the cursor
      on the first character in the word,
      that's why I use this little trick. If
      you don't want to fiddle around with
      the unnamed register, use some funny
      viw game instead...
      i\texttt{<ESC> insert \texttt{ and get back to normal
      e go to end of word
      a}<ESC> append } and go back to normal mode.

      Now map it to a key, say F2:
      :nmap <F2> yiwi\texttt{<ESC>ea}<ESC>


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