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27219Re: How can I automatically join lines?

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  • Thomas Köhler
    Apr 2, 2002
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      darren chamberlain wrote [020402 17:15]:
      > Quick question (hopefully):
      > I just grabbed a file from a mailing list archive which has lines longer
      > than 72 characters terminated with "+" and wrapped to the next line.
      > The file is 600 lines long, and most of the lines have these
      > continuations. How can I quickly join the lines?
      > /=$ matches the pattern; I want to do, basically:
      > :%s/=$/shift j
      > But how do I do the shift-J on the right hand side?

      You mean something like

      (for each line that ends in "=", apply the "join" command)?

      Of course, you should decide whether you mean "+" or "=" in the
      first place :-)

      Now, when you have several lines ending in "+" (I go for that one
      for the moment), you might need

      (So, whenever you find a line that ends in a "+", start a range
      from that line (".") to the next end that doesn't end in "+" and
      join that range completely.

      Of course, this doesn't get rid of the "+" itself...
      If you want that, you might want to give
      a try...


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