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26518WAY OT: CC bashing Re: clearcase eclipsed files are lost

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  • Ron Aaron
    Mar 1, 2002
      Michael P. Soulier <michael.soulier@...> writes:
      > They're forcing us to transition to it at work, and initial trials are not
      >good. They basically said what you did.

      The problem isn't really Clearcase per-se. The problem is that the 'dynamic
      view' requires a *lot* of network traffic, and when the network isn't super
      reliable and *very* fast, it doesn't support very many users each with a
      dynamic view, each doing compiles. At GoXXXXX, where I recently was a victim
      of downsizing, we had 60 developers banging on our 100MBit network. We *used*
      to complain that the CVS update was slow. Hah! The *regular build* with
      Clearcase was three to four times slower, depending on network usage.

      It's not a bad product, not at all -- just be careful how you use it!

      Of course now, I would be happy to have a *job*, even one working with
      Clearcase :-|

      Best regards,

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