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26509Re: clearcase eclipsed files are lost

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  • Gary Johnson
    Mar 1, 2002
      On Fri, Mar 01, 2002 at 12:52:09PM -0600, Brandon Metcalf wrote:

      > I realize that doesn't solve your vim problem, but you are creating the
      > situation by using a broken workflow. Why do you need to work in a view
      > other than your own? That's the whole point of a view; it's supposed to
      > be your workspace.

      > Even if I'm not understanding you correctly, the fact that you are
      > using this Perl script to achieve the commands above demonstrates that
      > your process is broken.

      Ditto what Brandon said. We do multiple-developer development all the
      time without stepping on each other and never have to go through the
      hoops that you are. If you want to make a quick change to a locked
      file, check out an unreserved copy until the other guy checks in his
      changes. If you have multiple people working on the same set of files
      at the same time, each person should really be checking out each file
      onto his private branch first. That way the /main/LATEST version is not
      locked. As each person finishes his changes, he first checks his file
      into his private branch, then merges any parallel changes from the main
      branch onto his private branch, fixes anything that broke, and merges
      the combined changes back to the main branch. ClearCase is designed for
      just this type of development and used properly it works very well.


      Gary Johnson | Agilent Technologies
      garyjohn@... | Spokane, Washington, USA
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