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26503Re: clearcase eclipsed files are lost

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  • Rainer Stransky
    Mar 1, 2002
      Brandon Metcalf wrote:

      > Rainer.Stransky@... writes:
      > || i am working in a development enviroment und hp-ux and clearcase.
      > ||
      > || In special cases a file in clearcase has to be made to view private and after
      > || this file is eclipsed (in do not exactly know what this means in terms of a f
      > || system).
      > There is no reason in ClearCase to intentionally eclipse a file element
      > or to have one eclipsed to have write access. If you are getting
      > eclipsed elements, you are doing something wrong.
      > Write access to elements is achieved by checking out the element which
      > gives you a view private file, but doesn't eclipse anything.

      Thanks, that helps me a lot.

      But without a joke. I have to work in a development enviroment, in which all
      checkouts (in other views, by other guys) are locked.
      So there is no chance for me to do a small quick change on a source without that
      tricky workaoround to get a eclipsed private file by:
      mv file.cc file.cc.priv
      cleartool co .
      cleartool rm file.cc
      mv file.cc.priv file.cc
      cleartool unco .

      That all will be done in a nice perl scirpt. All guys here in this enviroment are
      working that way.

      So my warranted question is, how to setup vim (if possible) to avoid losing the
      file, by open it with vim6.0

      I am not sure, but i think that behaviour was another one with vim5.4 !?


      > Brandon
      > --
      > And stop calling me Shirley
      > --Doctor Rumack, Airplane
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