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26496RE: newbie vim 6.0 questions

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  • Peter Smith
    Mar 1, 2002
      terrific! thanks very much, and my apologies for such a simple question.


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      Peter Smith wrote:
      > If someone has a list of option settings that just makes 6.0 work as
      > 5.8 did by default, that'd be greatly appreciated...
      > I have had a bit of trouble getting the multi level undo to work the
      > way I remember it working in 5.8. I used to be able to just keep
      > hitting 'u', and changes would keeping rolling backwards. I have tried
      > setting the ul option to no avail...
      > I can't seem to find the correct option setting to make cursor keys
      > work in insert mode...
      > I can't seem to get the cursor keys to work for recalling searches
      > when in search mode either...maybe I don't have the history settings
      > right?

      it seems that the 'compatible' option is on.

      > here is my .exrc:

      Rename this file to .vimrc or put 'set nocompatible' at the start of it.


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