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26490clearcase eclipsed files are lost

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  • Rainer Stransky
    Feb 28, 2002
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      i am working in a development enviroment und hp-ux and clearcase.

      In special cases a file in clearcase has to be made to view private and afterwards
      this file is eclipsed (in do not exactly know what this means in terms of a file

      But a ls -l show that all is ok for editing and writing the file

      > ls -l Imakefile
      -rw-rw-r-- 1 stransky ms_e 1735 Mar 1 08:09 Imakefile

      Editing this file with /usr/bin/vi (not a vi clone) work fine.

      Editing this file with vim (6.0), this "eclipsed" file is lost !

      An attempt to write the file, returns the message:
      "Imakefile" E166: Can't open linked file for writing

      The same for opening and closing. The file is lost / removed and afterwards
      the clearcase element as specified in the config spec is seen.

      > ls -l Imakefile
      -r--r--r-- 1 cc-admin ms_e 1728 Apr 25 2001 Imakefile

      > ct ls Imakefile
      Imakefile@@/main/17 Rule: /main/LATEST

      It seems that vim remove/moves the file (for backup or swapfile ?) , what is not
      permitted in this case. Removing or moving the file will reappear the real clearcase
      element in the clearcase file system as the selected version readonly !

      Is there a possibility to avoid such behaviour ?


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