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25658RE: making changes without triggering undo

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  • Gary Holloway
    Jan 31, 2002
      / FROM: "HALIM,SALMAN (HP-NewJersey,ex2)" <salman@...>, Jan 31 11:04 2002
      | ABOUT: RE: making changes without triggering undo
      | thank you; i use a very similar cursor restoring scheme by benji fisher:
      | call Mark() and it returns a string which, when executed, restores the
      | cursor and screen. the problem is that i frequently hit 'u' to undo a
      | change BEFORE i realize that it might not undo quite the change i have in
      | mind and hitting ctrl-r doesn't move the cursor back (and it's too late to
      | mark the original location).
      | i'm thinking of mapping my 'u' to first save the location and then undoing
      | so another mapped key will take me back to where i was before i hit undo.

      See :he ctrl-O

      That might help.


      | a bit kludgy, i fear.
      | thank you again,
      | salman.
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