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  • Schwenk, Jeanie
    Jan 2, 2002
      I am editing text files with a .java extension. I am using vim 6.0. I am
      using vim (not gvim) with the color support turned on. If I use it without
      color, it then updates the screen while I'm making modifications. When I
      use color, it uses lazyredraw. Lazyredraw is not on however. It just does
      it that way.


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      Sent: Friday, December 14, 2001 8:16 PM
      To: Schwenk, Jeanie
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      "Schwenk, Jeanie" wrote:
      > When I use the colors with vim, the screen does not update. I have to
      > up or page down, then go back to see my changes. My terminal is rxvt.
      > is unusable in color mode as far as I'm concerned. How can I get it to
      > behave?
      > Jeanie

      I do not see this sort of behavior. If it is related to rxvt, I am
      clueless. What sort of files are you editing when you see this behavior? I
      take it you are using vim in a terminal; what version of vim? When does the
      problem show up: when you are entering text in Insert mode?

      Not really a solution, but better than paging up and down: try <C-L>
      Normal mode, or <C-O><C-L> in Insert mode. (The <C-O> takes you to Normal
      mode for a single command, <C-L> in this case.)

      HTH --Benji Fisher
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