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24747Re: Re: opening files in win NT

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  • John Kilbourne
    Jan 2, 2002
      I don't know if i messed up somehting in doing this, but I do not
      have a "gvim.exe" "%1" file, just a gvim.exe, which I have set as the
      executable. How important is the -space_percent_1 part, and how do I
      get that file back?


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      Originally From: "Alex Angelopoulos" <alex@...>
      Subject: Re: opening files in win NT
      Date: 01/01/2002 05:54pm

      Make sure GVim is set as the registered handler for openiong those,
      of course. To get it to open correctly, if you go and check the
      file types, you shuld have something like this defined as the command
      for opening -

      "C:\apps\Alt_Edit\Vim\vim60\gvim.exe" "%1"

      A simple trick I always do is put a shortcut to vim into my "SendTo"
      folder - this opens things correctly even if there are spaces
      in the path, since Windows correctly interprets it.

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      From: "John Kilbourne" <jkilbour@...>
      To: <vim@...>
      Sent: Tuesday/2002 January 01 17:14
      Subject: opening files in win NT

      : I have set the Windows Explorer settings (View->Options->FileTypes-
      : >etc.) to use GVim as the default file opener for C,cpp and other
      : file extensions, but when I double click on such files I get a blank
      : gvim window. I must go to File-Open and manually open the file to be
      : able to edit in GVim. I don't know if this is a Windows problem or a
      : vim problem, but it is *my* problem. How can I make it so I can
      : double click on a file to edit it in Windows?
      : Thank you.
      : John
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