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24737Problem with Cursor shape in VIM (djgpp MS-DOS Version)

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  • Volker Kiefel
    Dec 31 11:40 PM
      Hello all,
      I sometimes use the djgpp port of VIM 6.0 on an old MS-DOS
      machine and encountered a problem with the cursor shape in
      relation to the VIM-mode.  This problem only occurs only with the
      djgpp-version (even after applying patch #073), but not with the
      Win32 console or GVIM versions. It is new in Version 6.0.
      Changing from normal mode to command line in "djgpp-VIM" mode
      with ":" or "/" the cursor preserves it "block shape" (as
      expected), if I try to insert something by moving left with the
      [Left] arrow key, the cursor changes to the "underline" shape (as
      expected). After pressing [Enter] to execute the command line,
      the cursor remains in "underline" shape (not expected in
      normal-mode), only after applying [i] [ESC] she corsor shows in
      block shape as expected for normal mode.
      This is a little irritating, as the user of VIM associates the
      underline-shape cursor with insert mode.
      Is anyone aware of a patch, I hven't seen one!
      Best wishes for the New Year to all.
      V. Kiefel