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24061Compiling into working dir for package building

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    Dec 3, 2001
      Okay, according to the Makefile, I change DESTDIR to the working directory I
      want to install to, and it will install there instead. What this does is
      install it in /${DESTDIR}/usr/local. I don't want that. I tried doing it
      this way with "prefix=" so it would eliminate the /usr/local. It worked
      great except that the stupid Makefile recompiles part of it to point to the
      new install directory of /usr/local/working/vim. Now, I build a package out
      of the files there, and it is expecting support files in /{share,bin...}.

      My main question is this: How in the heck do I just tell it to compile
      normally, then install WITHOUT changing any of the files I just compiled? I
      need those files assuming they will be installed in /usr/local (since they
      have a stupidly hardcoded search path for something), but be able to use the
      install routine in Make to send them anywhere I want so I can use my package
      utils to make a package that WILL install in /usr/local.

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