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23002RE: Vim Regina: tragedy in .5 act

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  • Kesteloot, Lawrence
    Nov 2 7:16 AM
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      Zdenek Sekera [mailto:zs@...] wrote:
      > "Kesteloot, Lawrence" wrote:
      > > What I found very useful when I was first using Unix was a
      > > "permuted index", which basically means that you take each
      > > feature, describe it in a sentence using as many keywords
      > > as possible, and put it in the index under each word of the sentence.
      > Interesting idea. Looks similar to 'man -k word' on *ix.

      I took the option list from |option-list| and ran it through a
      makeshift Java program to get the permuted index attached. It's
      pretty wide (about 106 characters) -- if we really want to restrict
      it to 80 characters we'll have to compromise the formatting.

      I ignore 38 words ("and", "the", etc.) that don't need to be
      indexed. Let me know if you find some that I've missed. If
      people consider this useful we can add it to the standard help

      To use, drop the file into "$VIM/vimfiles/doc/permuted-index.txt"
      (or equivalent Unix directory) and run ":helptags $VIM/vimfiles/doc".
      After that, typing ":help permuted-index" gives the full list.


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