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23001Re: Vim Regina: tragedy in .5 act

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  • Zdenek Sekera
    Nov 2, 2001
      "Kesteloot, Lawrence" wrote:
      > I agree. Although the helpfiles have answers to all the questions,
      > you need to know how to ask the questions, which is sometimes
      > the problem.


      > For a week I've been looking for the little window that you can
      > type ex commands in. I know it exists because I started it once
      > by accident. Turns out I have to type ":help cmdline-window".
      > I tried all the obvious combinations of "command" and "window"
      > and "ex" and so on.

      This is why find using <C-D> invaluable. One must, of course
      *guess close* in the first place.

      :h window<C-D> will show all tags having 'window' in it.

      Often I find that I get the right one from that list on the first try,
      sometimes it needs two or three. Occassionally I can't get one
      at all. But mostly I can get by with it.
      I never use the <TAB> completion and walk through with this, too slow
      when the <C-D> list more than 2-3 tags long.

      > I ended up just going through the tags file of
      > the help system and grepping for "window".

      That's exactly what I do when *all else fails*.

      > I've been using vim for 7 years, so I'm not a newbie, but I still
      > find it hard to find a particular option or feature just by
      > its description. (Another one I had trouble with is the margin
      > at the top and bottom of the window to stop the cursor from going
      > too close to the edge. It's 'scrolloff'. You want to tell me how
      > to find that without knowing the word 'scrolloff'?)

      Good example. Yes this can't be guessed.

      > What I found very useful when I was first using Unix was a
      > "permuted index", which basically means that you take each
      > feature, describe it in a sentence using as many keywords
      > as possible, and put it in the index under each word of the sentence.

      Interesting idea. Looks similar to 'man -k word' on *ix.

      > The formatting aligns the indexed word in the middle. This is easiest
      > to explain with an example, which I found with Google:
      > http://www.math.sc.edu/~sjohnson/g3d/permutedIndex.html
      > (Use the above link to find out how to load a config file.)

      Couldn't find one...;-(

      > Do we have one-sentence descriptions of commands and options? If so,
      > then generating such an index would be relatively easy.

      The closest I know of could be the Oleg Raisky Vim Reference Guide
      (can't access it, though...). I haven't seen 6.0 version (yet?), maybe
      it is at works. It would still be a work, convert to readable ascii,

      On the other hand, the :h word<C-D> isn't bad at all, though not 100%
      fool-proof, but doc search issues rarely are.

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