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22998RE: Vim Regina: tragedy in .5 act

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  • Kesteloot, Lawrence
    Nov 2, 2001
      Austy Garhi (n. d'i-b.) [tgal@...] wrote:
      > The Vim HELPFILES are a
      > FORREST OF CONFUSION themselves! They do not let the user see
      > how to use the Vim capabilities.

      I agree. Although the helpfiles have answers to all the questions,
      you need to know how to ask the questions, which is sometimes
      the problem.

      For a week I've been looking for the little window that you can
      type ex commands in. I know it exists because I started it once
      by accident. Turns out I have to type ":help cmdline-window".
      I tried all the obvious combinations of "command" and "window"
      and "ex" and so on. I ended up just going through the tags file of
      the help system and grepping for "window".

      I've been using vim for 7 years, so I'm not a newbie, but I still
      find it hard to find a particular option or feature just by
      its description. (Another one I had trouble with is the margin
      at the top and bottom of the window to stop the cursor from going
      too close to the edge. It's 'scrolloff'. You want to tell me how
      to find that without knowing the word 'scrolloff'?)

      What I found very useful when I was first using Unix was a
      "permuted index", which basically means that you take each
      feature, describe it in a sentence using as many keywords
      as possible, and put it in the index under each word of the sentence.
      The formatting aligns the indexed word in the middle. This is easiest
      to explain with an example, which I found with Google:


      (Use the above link to find out how to load a config file.)

      Do we have one-sentence descriptions of commands and options? If so,
      then generating such an index would be relatively easy.

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