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22990Re: Vim Regina: tragedy in .5 act

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  • Janakiraman .S
    Nov 1, 2001
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      * Christian J. Robinson (infynity@...) wrote thusly :

      > Today, Gary Holloway wrote:
      > ... *Exceedingly rude reply snipped.*

      The original poster's been whining about the help files in most posts.
      Search the archives if you need proof. A comment like "Vim is like King
      Oedipus: a King rendered useless, castrated, by his self-gouging of his
      own eyes, a walking dead." sounded like a bait to me. Also note that,
      there was NO QUESTION. The act of replying to such a post instead of
      ignoring it is in itself, a polite act.

      > You know, for a new user these things are not obvious. It took me some
      > time to get a feel for the Vim help system so that I could find answers,
      > and I'm not surprised to see the original poster mentioning the same
      > thing. There's nothing wrong with saying it in a creative and
      > entertaining way.

      I agree. I dont think this post belongs to the category you are
      describing though.

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