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21636key behaves like "~"

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  • René Clerc
    Oct 1, 2001
      Hi everyone,

      I am a very happy vim user, except for one small thing:

      when I press <End> in either insert or normal mode, it doesn't go to
      the end of the line, but it changes the case of the character the
      cursor is at.

      I did a search through the manual and on Google, but wasn't able to
      find anything (quite a tricky search, using the "end" keyword).

      I use vim inside of screen; I figure this is the problem. When I set
      TERM to xterm I have no problem, when it is vt100, both <Home> and
      <End> behave weird.

      So I guess it has something to do with my termcap? I'm not good at
      that. I hope one of you can help me with this problem.

      Attached: my termcap


      René Clerc - (rene@...)

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