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20626Two questions about moving in vim

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  • Milan Juza
    Sep 1, 2001

      I am sorry to disturb this discussion with such a simple question, but I
      am a beginner in vim and was not able to solve this problem:

      I would like to have an Abbreviation in insert mode which produces
      something like this (cursdor position after the iab is finished is marked with @)


      Therefore I have written to html.vim file:
      iab Yol <ol><CR><li><CR></ol><ESC>ka
      However it produces this:

      <li> @

      It always inserts the space after <li>. Does anybody know what I is wrong?

      And my second question: I have downloaded html.vim file, which is
      available at vim.org and found out, that when I try to use many iabs e.g.
      Ybr which is defined like: iab Ybr <br>. But I get this:
      (@ - cursor position)


      Can you explain me that behaviour?

      Thanx a lot.

      Milan Juza
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