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20620Re: ctags problem?

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  • lwwickla@rockwellcollins.com
    Aug 31, 2001
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      Yes, I encountered that problem while trying to make TagsMenu work. As you
      suggested, the problem is that when ctags tries to write to stdout, it
      first writes a temporary file to be later printed to stdout.

      FROM THE CTAGS.HTML help file
      On Unix-like hosts where mkstemp() is available, the value of this variable specifies the directory in which to place temporary files. This can be
      useful if the size of a temporary file becomes too large to fit on the partition holding the default temporary directory defined at compilation time.
      ctags creates temporary files only if either (1) an emacs-style tag file is being generated, (2) the tag file is being sent to standard output, or (3)
      the program was compiled to use an internal sort algorithm to sort the tag files instead of the the sort utility of the operating system. If the sort
      utility of the operating system is being used, it will generally observe this variable also. Note that if ctags is setuid, the value of TMPDIR will
      be ignored.

      The way that I resolved the problem was simply by running ctags from another directory, which certainly isn't a convenient solution, but...


      "Stuart, David" <D.Stuart@...> on 08/31/2001 09:39:05 AM

      To: vim@...

      Subject: ctags problem?

      Hi All,

      Has anyone encountered this problem when running ctags?

      V:\>ctags -f - --fields=+K *.java
      ctags: cannot open temporary file : Permission denied

      Obviously ctags is trying to open a temporary file somewhere that it
      have permission to. Is there a way that I can specify the location of this
      temporary file?

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