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19744Re: scrolling and conditional map

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  • Ibraheem Umaru-Mohammed
    Aug 3, 2001
      [Benji Fisher wrote...]
      -| This does not work perfectly. If you edit a Java file, you will get the
      -| desired mapping, but it will not go away if you switch to another (non-Java)
      -| buffer. There are ways around this in Vim 5.x (ask if you are interested)
      -| but, since everyone will soon be using Vim 6.0 ;) here is the new way to do
      -| it. Make a new file,
      -| $VIM/vimfiles/ftplugin/java.vim
      -| (There are other choices for the directory. :help runtimepath ) If there is
      -| already a $VIMRUNTIME/ftplugin/java.vim with useful settings, you may want to
      -| copy this as a start, or :source it from your own. This file will be :sourced
      -| each time you open a Java file.

      In addition, under vim6.0ap, you can overrule a global filetype plugin,
      by creating a file (under unix) in:


      which would be loaded *after* the global plugin has been loaded, and the
      file then only needs to contain those settings which you wish to change.
      You therefore don't really have to copy the original or source it.

      :he ftplugin-overrule

      Kindest regards,

      ibraheem umaru-mohammed
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