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19697Re: [vim] :map using CTRL-F changed in 6.0ap?

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  • Charles E. Campbell
    Aug 2 6:58 AM
      Thus saith Paauw, Eric:
      > Normally I did ":map CTRL-V PageDown Space CTRL-V CTRL-F" so
      > I could use the PageDown-key instead of Ctrl-F.

      map <pagedown> ...whatever...

      > But in version 6 the PageDown isn't recognized at all, and
      > hitting CTRL-V CTRL-F opens up a new buffer.

      It surely shouldn't be doing that. Control-v opens visual-block
      mode, and ctrl-f should cause visual-block highlighting to advance
      a page. It its not doing that, then you've got something in your
      <_vimrc> that's interfering.

      C Campbell

      Charles E Campbell, Jr, PhD _ __ __
      Goddard Space Flight Center / /_/\_\_/ /
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