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19693RE: Silence inside functions please

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  • Coen Engelbarts
    Aug 2 6:02 AM
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      > Second question: I run an external command that is quite long:
      > :r!sccs prs -e #|gawk 'very long awk script'
      > It seems it is not possible to put newlines in the part that says
      > 'very long awk script'? Is there a way to do this because now I've
      > everything
      > on one line.

      Err.., you seem to have solved this already, but I think somebody should
      mention the obvious:

      :r!sccs prs -e #|gawk -f <name>.awk

      i.e. Put the AWK stuff in a separate AWK-script-file <name>.awk and run
      that. Works for me.

      On a *nix command line you can use a multi-line AWK command by putting '\'
      at the end of each line, except the last line.
      awk '<1st line> \
      <2nd line> \
      <last line>'
      This is not neccessary in an AWK script. I don't know if/how you can do this
      on the vim command line.

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