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19646Conditionally sourcing a file based on sub-filetype

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  • Daniel Einspanjer
    Aug 1 1:27 PM
      I've started using closetag.vim, and I like it a lot. I'm looking for an easy
      way to automatically source it when editing a compatible file. This would
      include html, xml, asp, jsp, php, etc.

      My problem is this:
      If I edit a jsp file, the jsp syntax file automatically sources the html
      syntax. main_syntax is defined as jsp, but no variable is stored stating that
      this file is also html (kind of like a sub-filetype). I could modify html.vim
      to automatically source closetag.vim, but it doesn't seem like a good practice
      because when I upgrade to the next version, html.vim would be gone unless I
      specifically remember to copy it over (and possibly merge any conflicts). I
      believe this is what the $VIM/vimfiles/ directory was made for. To give you a
      common place to put *your* files that are version independent. I could add
      code to my vimrc file to source closetag.vim, but then I'd have to keep a long
      list of all the different syntaxes that it works with, instead of relying on
      the inclusion code already contained in the html.vim sourcing code path.

      Am I missing an easy way to do this?

      -- Daniel Einspanjer, daniel@... on 08/01/2001
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