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19261Re: forcing a filetype based on content

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  • Benji Fisher
    Jul 2, 2001
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      Ragica wrote:
      > I've been fiddling for a long time now, trying to get Vim to force a
      > filetype based on the first line, even if the extension is defined as
      > another filetype. I can't seem to figure out the proper place to do
      > this. Obviously myscriptsfile won't work, because vim thinks the
      > filetype is known based on extension. I've fiddled with myfiletypefile
      > and mysyntaxfile; but for whatever reason I can't seem to get these to
      > override the extension based filetype when specific content is
      > detected.
      > If i listed all of the things i've tried, no one would finish reading
      > this message. The only techniques that seem to work (using
      > autocommands on *, for example) then don't seem to work with the rest
      > of my autocommands for that file type... since the * autocommands seem
      > to be called last.

      Here is a clue. Autocommands are called in the order in which they were
      defined. The * autocommands are called last if they are defined last. Now,
      the point of the my*file files is that they are :source'd after the default
      files. So the first thing you need is something like

      augroup filetype
      au! BufNewFile,BufRead {pattern}
      augroup END

      (from :help remove-filetype) in myfiletypefile. Now, 'filetype' will not be
      set, so the scripts file will be called. Put the appropriate lines in
      myscriptsfile. Remember to set the my*file variables in your vimrc, and pay
      attention to (from :help myfiletypefile)

      NOTE: Make sure that you set "myfiletypefile" before switching on file type
      detection. Thus is must be before any ":filetype on" or ":syntax on"

      Also, remember that these are variables, not options, so use :let instead of

      > I have actually for a long time forced this behavior by merely hacking
      > the syntax.vim and filetype.vim ... but i'm trying hard to reform
      > myself and get my scripts cleaned up and use my* files... but just
      > can't seem to figure out how to get all the behavior I want this way.

      HTH --Benji Fisher
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