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  • Tom von Schwerdtner
    Apr 30, 2001
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      Well, I had no intentions of mailing everyone about my silly little theme,
      but in the interest of those supporting the holy-wars, and since there *is* a
      emacs theme packaged with Eterm, I figured I would let you all know.

      So, anyways....I made a vim theme for Eterm. The menus are based on what
      gvim 6ac had when I fired it up on my system, and where there are 'if-then'
      statements to determine how to execute a menu command, I just picked a random
      one that worked on my system......I might try to make the menus more dynamic
      if I get the impression that a few people care (since I think I can get away
      with embedding functions in Eterm menus, not sure

      if your interested..


      (btw, the glass-vim and glass-mutt are basically mild modifications on the
      glass theme, which I didnt write....)


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      -| www.etria.org |-