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17318Vim 5.7 - forcing single window on screen?

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  • Tomas Valusek
    Mar 29, 2001

      Vim can have multiple windows opened. When only one window is on screen, all
      the info is on the last screen line. If there are more windows, the info
      moves from there and every window has its own info on itš separation line.

      How can I force only one window displayed in any time? How to enlarge the
      help window to occupy entire screen thus having its info on the bottom
      screen line? Itš quite important for blind users accessing screen with
      screenreaders - they then can have defined "active areas" automatically
      monitored by screen reader - and itš hard to define such a region on the
      status info with no fixed screen location.

      Thank you for your help.

      Tomas Valusek
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