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16026Re: Whyfor While of a different color/Turning off Seach Highlight

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  • Tim Johnson
    Feb 4, 2001
      Hello zhao:
      On Sun, 04 Feb 2001, ������ wrote:
      > vimer, hello��
      > Against on what you provided I can't clearly point out what's the problem, here is some advice for you explore the origin of it.
      So sorry not to be so clear: Let my try again with more information:
      It appears that when I mean to comment out a line of Python code, I press the
      key for #. ('#' is the comment key for Python.) Forgetting to first press 'i'

      Since I have forgotten to put the editor into insert mode, what I have actually
      done is told that editor that I wish to search backwards for the nearest word.
      Thus, the word "while" is highlighted as a word to search for :

      So I simply know how to turn off the highlighting for that word. I can do so by
      deleting viminfo, but I need to know the command to turn off the highlighting .

      I have tried :help highlight, but it is not clear from the resulting
      documentation how to accomplish this.

      I hope that I have now been more clear.
      Tim Johnson
      "Of all manifestations of power,
      restraint impresses the most."