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15981Re: tags for LaTeX?

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  • Andrzej M. Ostruszka
    Feb 1, 2001
      On Wed, Jan 31 (2001), Benji Fisher wrote:
      > Happy, productive vimmers:
      > Does anyone use tags with LaTeX? I think it would be pretty easy to
      > write a vim script to generate a tags file from the .aux file. Then, it
      > would take some work to think of a convenient way to use it (i.e., write
      > some macros to use the tags) but I think it can be done. Has anyone
      > already done this? If not, I will, but do not hold your breath waiting!

      Well there are two options either you insert in your file comments with
      some e.g. C definitions (or whatever ctags supports) - I used typedef's
      %typedef label eq_one;
      %typedef eq_one;
      and 'ctags --language=c file.tex'
      This method has two drawbacks: you have to insert additional text like
      this comments and the other is that you cannot use ':' in your label
      (which is valid LaTeX label character).

      Since I've found myself only using "LaTeX tags" for places where I use
      \label{...} and \bibitem{...} I've commited small perl script (attached
      -- I hope nobody will get upset, it's quite small). It's quick and dirty
      hack but does the job for me and it is easy to improve it if someone
      wants to.
      Best regards
      ____ _ ___
      / | \_/ |/ _ \ Andrzej Marek Ostruszka
      / _ | | (_) | Instytut Fizyki, Uniwersytet Jagiellonski (Cracow)
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