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15246Re: Whishes for vim 7.0

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  • Thomas Capricelli
    Dec 7, 2000
      > Why is this "kvim", rather than just a compile-time option for Vim? That

      cause it's easier for us to do the development here. It was based on the 5.x
      vim. I think it will be _easy_ to port to the 6.x branch

      as the one in charge of the cvs, I've been _very_ careful about doint things
      in a way we are following vim development. it's not a fork, it's a branch.
      I'm aware of consequences if we merge. really. It could be put in the
      official branch. I've spoken with bram about this. There seem to be no
      problem with him (bram ?), neither about the decision, nor on technical

      another reason is that we need to remove lot of things to get a smal kpart
      lib. but that's another issue.

      > As you are only at version 0.1/0.2 at present, can you consider changing
      > your approach and providing a patch to Vim (probably version 6.0) instead
      > of a separate application?

      I've already sent such a patch to Bram 'for review only'. There were no
      problem, kde-specific files are kept separate (exactly as are gtk- or athena-
      specific files, have a look).

      To keep it short

      It follows easily whatever version of vim I want
      It can be merged with the official tree at every moment.
      Until further notice, kvim stay in KDE cvs where it's easier for us to code

      I hope I've answered you questions,

      best regards,


      Thomas Capricelli <orzel@...>
      boson : http://boson.eu.org
      kvim : http://aquila.rezel.enst.fr/thomas/vim/
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