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15238echo getting erased.

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  • Devin Weaver
    Dec 6, 2000
      If always had trouble with echo not printing but this one really stumpped me. I
      need some help figuring out what I'm doing wrong.

      Here's the function:
      function MyFunc( )
      normal! zz
      echohl WarningMsg
      echo "Hello World!"
      echohl None

      Now if I run GVIM like this:

      gvim -u NONE -U NONE large_text_file.txt

      then the first thing I do is :set nocp
      and then type in the above function.

      Then I scroll down a few pages and place the cursor above or below the center
      line (So the zz command is forced to move the viewport) Then run the funtion
      you'll see that helloworld is not printed.

      Any Ideas?

      If VIM were a woman, I'd marry her. Slim, organized, helpful and beautiful;
      what's not to like?
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