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142660Re: RFE: honor 'eol' setting regardless of 'binary' flag.

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  • Linda W
    Jul 13, 2014
      Tim Chase wrote:
      > Take Christian's advice: just put "set binary" in your vimrc and be
      > done with it. Anything more is just trolling the list.
      set binary changes other settings that I don't want changed:
      The following options will be ignored:
      textwidth, wrapmargin, modeline, expandtab, fileformat, (and fileformats)

      I only need this behavior:

      When writing a file the <EOL> for the last line is only written if
      there was one in the original file (normally Vim appends an <EOL> to
      the last line if there is none; this would make the file longer). See
      the 'endofline' option.

      --- and what I asked for initally (see subject)...
      is for the eol setting to be honored regardless of it being in text or

      You are forcing your way of doing things down everyone else's throat --
      then calling anyone who disagrees a 'troll'.

      Asking that vim honor the 'eol' in text is asking for a broken feature to be

      Having it only work in binary, where the desired behavior already works
      is not helpful. If the option worked in text mode, then this discussion
      wouldn't be necessary. Calling anyone who asks for an option -- ALREADY
      IN VIM -- to work consistently is not trolling. It's asking for sanity.

      It's much easier to argue for the one who maintains an irrational position
      as being a troll.

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