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142655Re: RFE: honor 'eol' setting regardless of 'binary' flag.

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  • Linda A. Walsh
    Jul 13, 2014
      Erik Christiansen wrote:
      > On 13.07.14 01:45, Linda A. Walsh wrote:
      >> Vim embodies having, not only a choice other than POSIX, but a multitude
      >> of choices. If Vim were to delete all non-POSIX features, there would
      >> only be "vi": i.e. -- there would be no Vim.
      >> Are you saying Vim should not exist?
      > Now you begin to resemble a troll.
      > The pretence that Vim denies choice in the "missing EOL" scenario is
      > unconvincing.
      To you, perhaps, but any task to free slaves was unconvincing to those
      who owned them. I.e any argument to those who maintain the status quo is
      usually unconvincing.

      > On 12.07.14 23:56, Linda A. Walsh wrote:
      >> by default and force users into compliance.
      >> Doing it for a user w/o their choice or buy-in and making it
      >> impossible for them to have a choice is noxious, IMO.
      > That imaginary situation is mere misapprehension. Are you unaware of the
      > existence of .vimrc? That's where your divergent defaults should be set,
      > making them suit personal needs.
      If it was setting a flag, I wouldn't have raised the issue. If it
      involves a
      long complex script, and/or external helper programs on each platform
      then I am.

      > The script provided upthread via URL is a slightly complex behaviour
      > modification, but all the work has been done. Even if copy-paste of the
      > script is a great burden for some, it does provide the desired behaviour
      > (and therefore choice) after that herculean effort, does it not?
      It also talks about needing external utilities ported to each
      platform to work
      reliably (the pure-vim script says the other is more reliable).
      > Erik

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