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142651Re: RFE: honor 'eol' setting regardless of 'binary' flag.

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  • Erik Christiansen
    Jul 13, 2014
      On 13.07.14 01:45, Linda A. Walsh wrote:
      > Vim embodies having, not only a choice other than POSIX, but a multitude
      > of choices. If Vim were to delete all non-POSIX features, there would
      > only be "vi": i.e. -- there would be no Vim.
      > Are you saying Vim should not exist?

      Now you begin to resemble a troll.

      The pretence that Vim denies choice in the "missing EOL" scenario is

      On 12.07.14 23:56, Linda A. Walsh wrote:
      > by default and force users into compliance.
      > Doing it for a user w/o their choice or buy-in and making it
      > impossible for them to have a choice is noxious, IMO.

      That imaginary situation is mere misapprehension. Are you unaware of the
      existence of .vimrc? That's where your divergent defaults should be set,
      making them suit personal needs.

      The script provided upthread via URL is a slightly complex behaviour
      modification, but all the work has been done. Even if copy-paste of the
      script is a great burden for some, it does provide the desired behaviour
      (and therefore choice) after that herculean effort, does it not?


      We all have to reinvent the wheel, and the axle and the transmission and
      the engine, many times over. Its called learning. - Bill Colburn

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