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142646Re: RFE: honor 'eol' setting regardless of 'binary' flag.

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  • John Little
    Jul 12 5:47 PM
      This is an issue with a long history, caused by? started? originating? in windows editors not writing the end of line on the last line of files, and interpreting such an eol as a blank line. The reaction from the older, unixy camp, was that the windows editors are broken, not writing the last eol screws up concatenation of files and interpolation of text, so it's a dumb thing to do. Their POV is enshrined in some standards somewhere, I think. The issue has been going for at least two decades.

      If you're not writing the file, then it's not a problem, and if you are making changes, and it is a text file, why not write the last eol?

      Regards, John Little

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