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142636undo doesn't fully undo -- won't restore original file.

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  • Linda A. Walsh
    Jul 12, 2014
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      I edited a file to test with an app that, oddly, didn't have an "eol" at the
      end of the last file line.

      My edit didn't work so I pressed "u" to undo and rewrote the original file.

      But now it wasn't. It had an extra character at the end of the file (which
      the app took as file corruption).

      How can I get vim not to force an "eol" onto a file that didn't
      originally have

      (Ideally, I'd like it to preserve state... not add them to files that
      don't have them
      and not delete them from those that do).

      How do I get Vim to restore the file to the original state?


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