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141579Re: Can vim use 24 bit colorscheme in terminal?

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  • Suresh Govindachar
    Mar 19, 2014
      Oops! Sorry, just realized that what I wrote below might not be what
      you are asking about -- the subject says "24 bit colorscheme" and I am
      writing about 256 colors!

      On 3/19/2014 9:59 PM, Suresh Govindachar wrote:
      > On Mo, 17 Mär 2014, Григорий Третьяков wrote:
      >>> There is a terminal emulators that can use truecolor (24 bit), for
      >>> example konsole, and I wonder can vim use gui colorschemes in
      >>> terminal?
      > On Windows: can inside ConEmu -- in fact, colors for vim inside ConEmu
      > look better than in gui gvim! Color issues for vim inside ConEmu were
      > fixed around late January 2014 -- early February 2014, and I have been
      > using ConEmu since then; vim.exe is Bram's build; colorscheme is a
      > tweak of calmar256_dark.
      > There is the minor annoyance of occasionally needing to hit Ctrl-L.
      > One other thing is that misspelled words are underlined and so don't
      > look as good as in gvim (in gvim, they are shown with squiggles) -- but
      > perhaps this can be fixed by tweaking the colorscheme.
      > --Suresh

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