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141366Re: Still having different pwd for different windows

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  • Charles E Campbell
    Feb 25, 2014
      Aaron Bohannon wrote:
      > I only skimmed this thread, but surprisingly, no one seems to have brought up the issue of netrw. Whenever you browse a directory in a window, netrw executes an :lcd command in that window, so that it's CWD is different from the rest of the windows. Now that is actually a perfectly sensible thing for netrw to do if g:netrw_keepdir == 0. However, netrw *always* does it, even if g:netrw_keepdir == 1 (the default, meaning "don't change the CWD"). It drives me nuts.
      Please give me an example.

      With g:netrw_keepdir= 1, and starting from my home directory:

      vim somefile
      :echo getcwd() (shows home directory)
      :wincmd s
      :e .vim
      :echo getcwd() (shows home directory)
      :wincmd j
      :echo getcwd() (shows home directory)

      So, netrw did not change the cwd, in either of the two windows used.

      C Campbell

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