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141177Bug in :help parsing (was Re: How to capitalize the first letter of each word?)

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  • Tim Chase
    Feb 8, 2014
      On 2014-02-08 09:45, Peng Yu wrote:
      > > Strangely, the help-target ":help s/\U" (upper-case "U") takes
      > > you to the same place as ":help s/\&" does rather than to the
      > > help on \U (at least in 7.3.547 which is stock on Debian
      > > Stable). Fortunately they're in the same block, but it looks
      > > like a bug in the help-tagging.
      > I have vim 7.4 and have the same problems.
      > ':help s/\&' brings me to *s/\~*.
      > ':help s/\U' brings me to *s/\&*.

      Additionally, issuing any of

      :help s/\1
      :help s/\2
      :help s/\9

      gives me an

      E65: Illegal back reference

      but then proceeds to go to the correct help target. Issuing

      :help s/\~

      gives me

      E33: No previous substitute regular expression
      E149: Sorry, no help for s/\~

      despite such a help-target in the aforementioned section.

      I seem to recall Bram looking into this a while back and fixing it,
      but it seems to have returned.


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