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141165Re: Utf8 issue

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Feb 7, 2014
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      On 07/02/14 23:22, Andrew DeMaria wrote:
      > Sorry if this ends up being a duplicate post, but it seems that my first message didn't go through:

      The reason neither of your messages were posted at first, and then
      suddenly both appeared together, is that they were your first.

      Anyone's first message(s) has to be approved by a list moderator in
      order to appear on the list. If the message is legitimate (i.e. not
      spam), the same moderator will, at the same time, whitelist the
      message's author so that in the future (s)he's exempt from moderation.

      OTOH, if a moderator sees a spam message in the "pending" queue, not
      only will he block the message from being posted, he will also block its
      author from posting any further messages in the list — ever.

      This delay is unfortunate, but it is all that has been found to avoid
      having the list swamped by spam messages: when these lists were first
      established, they were open to posting by any member, and, after a month
      or two, spammers found about them and launched an avalanche of spam.
      Countermeasures were necessary, and this is what was found. Since then,
      spam has abated, but if "ordinary" list members hardly see any list spam
      nowadays, it doesn't mean that all spammers have migrated to greener
      pastures, but that whatever they still try to post gets blocked by the

      Best regards,
      <-- Overfiend has quit ("venturing forth to destroy strange new
      worlds, and eat life and new civilizations")

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