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139903Re: Applying batch file to a text file.

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  • Tim Chase
    Nov 13, 2013
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      On 2013-11-13 15:10, john Culleton wrote:
      > I want to apply a batch file "foo" to a text file "bar".
      > The commands in foo are of the form:
      > :% s/elephant/\\idx{&}/g
      > (I can delete the : if that helps.)
      > So given these facts what does the command line for vim or ex
      > look like? In particular I need to know how to get both foo and
      > bar into the command. This is to build an index for TeX.

      It sounds like you want the ":source" command, so you can do

      vim file_to_edit.tex
      :source batch_script.vim

      Just make sure that it's only run once or that you take extra pains
      to ensure your search term excludes previously-replaced items.
      Otherwise, subsequent runs could end up with the following


      Also note that, without "\<...\>" guards, order may matter:


      can result in "The president talked about politics and the Whitehouse
      dog" changing into "The president talked catma and the Whitehouse

      This can be worked around, most atomically by creating a dictionary
      and then using a regexp that finds all words, then replaces them by
      trying to look them up in the mapping-dictionary:

      :let my_map={}
      :let my_map["old"] = "NEW!"
      :let my_map["dog"] = "cat"
      :" lots more mappings can get created here
      :%s/\w\+/\=has_key(my_map, submatch(0))?my_map[submatch(0)]:submatch(0)/g

      Hope this gives you some ideas to work with.


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