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139900Re: Question about markdown-syntax-recognition

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  • Niels Kobschaetzki
    Nov 13, 2013
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      On Wed, Nov 13, 2013 at 12:32:08PM +0100, Paul Isambert wrote:
      >De: "Niels Kobsch├Ątzki" <niels@...>
      >> I am taking notes with markdown-syntax and often use nested unorderd
      >> lists. For example:
      >> - Test1
      >> - Test2
      >> - Test3
      >> - Test4
      >> With the first three lines the "-" gets colored correctly as an
      >> unordered list marker. But starting from Test4, so the third
      >> indentation
      >> the "-" doesn't get highlighted anymore. What can I do to change
      >> this?
      >> I took a look into the syntax file of markdown and I guess
      >> syn match markdownListMarker "\%(\t\| \{0,4\}\)[-*+]\%(\s\+\S\)\@="
      >> contained
      >> is the line that is responsible for it but I have no idea what I need
      >> to
      >> change to add a few indentations. I tried changing the 4 to a 5 but
      >> that
      >> didn't help.
      >> So, what do I have to do?
      >Change 4 to 6 :)
      >Actually you could even do
      > syn match markdownListMarker "\%(\t\| *\)[-*+]\%(\s\+\S\)\@="
      >I don't know why it is originally limited to 4 spaces (or exactly one tab);
      >this way any number of spaces is ok.

      Thanks a lot. That solved my problem :D



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